Corporate Outplacement

We conduct individual and group outplacement programs for both on-site and remote corporate downsizing situations.
We also train human resource professionals to administer outplacement internally, and establish full-service job-search support centers.

Typical Assignments

Airco, Inc. used Wilson McLeran to provide comprehensive job training assistance to more than 200 downsized individuals.
Airco, Inc. used Wilson McLeran to provide comprehensive job training assistance to more than 200 downsized individuals.
Signet Bank administered Job-Bridge® to 300-plus downsized individuals through 13 human resource managers trained by Wilson McLeran. A transition center provided all necessary out-placement services for a six-month post-termination period.
GE Government Services utilized Wilson McLeran to downsize more than 100 employees over a two-month period at plants in California and New Jersey.
Home Life Insurance, with Wilson McLeran trainers, led three two-day workshops for more than 200 downsized systems analysts, claims adjusters, programmers, and underwriters.

What Users Say About Us
“. . . One of the best new benefits packages. . . Deals with practical issues. . . . both demands and encourages a participatory, proactive mindset. The program’s design is superior.” 
--The editors of Human Resource Executive
“Affordable, effective, easy to use. . . . Quite frankly, in a class by itself.”
–Dr. Patrick Dailey, Director of Recruitment, Airco Gasses, Inc.
“Extremely well thought out. . . . Full of sound, sensible structure . . . a benchmark product. You owe it to yourself to look into this thoroughly professional and complete system.”
–David Opton, Director, Exec-U-Net
“This fast-paced, nuts-and-bolts approach has produced dramatic changes within the first few hours of class time. Fears associated with the job-search process are reduced, while the individual’s confidence level goes up. We’ve seen the negative feelings of job loss transformed into the positive energy of assertive job search.”
–Greg Paul, Vice President, Human Resources, Signet Bank
“GE Government Services has benefitted tremendously from Job-Bridge. It is the most cost-effective way we have found to provide our employees with professional placement assistance. Today’s market is tough. . . . Job-Bridge gives participants the needed edge on the competition.”
–Michael Bergen, HR Representative, GE Government Services
“The three interviews I’ve had so far I attribute to what I learned from Job-Bridge. I’ve trained three friends with Job-Bridge, too. They’re like me–45 and female. We need all the help we can get.”
–Former branch manager, Signet Bank
“. . . A complete resource that offers exceptional advice. . . . The materials are excellent and the video is the best I’ve seen. Job-Bridge definitely fulfills the promise of its title.”
–Anne-Marie Alexander, Program Manager, First American Bank

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